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Conversational AI in Healthcare: 
Risks, Challenges and Solutions

Executive Summary

Artificial Intelligence technologies have enabled many industries to transform itself and healthcare industry is not an exception. One of the most widely used solutions in healthcare is Conversational AI delivered via chatbots or virtual assistants. Conversational AI is revolutionising patient care making it easier for healthcare providers to provide quality services to patients. In the past few years the industry has been witnessing proliferation of Conversational AI systems as benefits are becoming evident. 

At the same time, using conversational AI in the healthcare involves much bigger risks than in any other industry, as it deals with high-impact scenarios and may directly affect human life. We mapped these risks with our AI GovBox - AI Governance Approach

However, despite the challenges that are unique to the healthcare industry, Conversational AI can be highly beneficial if the right strategies and approaches are applied by the healthcare institutions. We discuss this through 4 key stages of designing and building Conversational AI agents - proof of concept, development, deployment, scaling & feedback - which involves two major stakeholders: developers and healthcare providers. 

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