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Anarchic AI Governance

We are currently living in a state of Anarchy when it comes to AI Governance - there are no established institutions and structures to guide or dictate our road towards building the most powerful technologies Sapiens is known to have ever built. 

Geopolitics of Smart Cities:
Expression of Soft Power and New Order

Urban technologies are more and more weaponized and used as instruments of soft power. They are becoming geopolitical and strategic assets in international conflicts.

Dual Use of AI: How AI can be exploited to produce biological weapons

there is growing concern over the mounting threats coming from the possible abuse of AI tools in order to develop biological and chemical weapons, which pose a major threat to global human security

Use of AI as a Tool Against Corruption: Prospects, risks and challenges for public and private sectors

Delegating the investigation of corruption cases to AI can significantly speed up the fight against corruption.

Autonomous Weapon Systems: The Issues of Autonomy, Predictability, and Ethical Neutrality

"Selecting" and "engaging" targets "without human intervention" is the hallmark of many military technologies, such as landmines and aerial defense systems that detect and engage the target using various heating mechanisms and electromagnetic sensors. However, This capability does not make landmines an autonomous weapon system. 

Conversational AI in Healthcare: Risks, Challenges and Solutions

Conversational AI agents enable better access and affordability in healthcare, facilitating adherence to UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being, which aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages. 

Do we or should we trust driverless cars? Part 1
No discussion of Trolley Problem here

the extent to which safety improvements are realized completely depends on engineering and policy decisions

Why Now is the Right Time to Build and Implement AI Governance Framework

The EU AI regulatory proposal has already provided a snapshot of what Big Tech companies will have to face.
But there are more urgent needs in the corporate world rather than upcoming regulation. 

Image by Milad Fakurian


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