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Read our Manifesto 1.0 here

Not another AI community. 


What we are building here is a boldest attempt to pilot democratic decision-making processes for AI governance and to source collective intelligence at the same time. In this endeavor each member of the community can make a significant impact on the future of AI technologies. AI Governance is not a software problem to be solved with a SaaS platform only. It is a large-scale societal problem that requires socio-technical solutions. 


AI is a magic wand which can turn our wishes into reality, both good and bad. This means, we as individuals and as a society need to thoroughly think about what are the wishes we want to come true and what we want to avoid. How do we measure and translate those wishes into AI terms and how do we agree on common wishes for the society, locally or globally. Because everyone will be affected by AI, everyone should be able to have a say in how they want to be affected. It’s not that tech policies have served end-users’ best interests before, it’s just about AI sharpening the entire problem and bringing it to the surface as it is the most powerful technology that we’ve ever faced. Even smart phones, social media or the internet itself are in mass use for only a couple of decades and it’s no surprise that we are not yet equipped with more effective institutions and processes. But it is already high time to start building them. 


We iteratively build democratic processes for governing AI development that also taps into the wellspring of collective intelligence. We build, reflect, and evaluate, pruning away the unnecessary and reconstituting based on empirical evidence. This means that while decisions regarding AI development are guided by democratic principles, these very democratic mechanisms remain open to refinement and adaptation (also guided in itself by democratic principles).


Our journey starts with small-scale controlled experiments, ultimately evolving into a systematic approach to establish AI development protocols applied by the governments and private companies. 



Discord Server

In our Discord server we've organized different channels to serve specific purposes:

General Channel: This is the primary hub for discussing a wide range of AI-related topics. Feel free to share your comments, thoughts, opinions, or questions here.

Announcement Channel: In this channel, you'll find official announcements, updates, and logistical information from the AdalanAI team.


Best Practices Channel: Join discussions here about AI governance, public and private policies, and examples of responsible and ethical use of AI.


Incidents Channel: This is where we discuss unfortunate incidents and worst-case scenarios related to AI. While these cases are regrettable, they provide valuable insights and learning opportunities.


Policy Tracking Channel: Engage in conversations about the latest policy developments in the AI field in this channel.

Specialized Channels

We have three dedicated channels for discussing and voting for policy proposals related to Generative AI:


Personalization Channel: This channel is dedicated to exploring the intricate issues surrounding personalization in Generative AI. Discussions here revolve around the ethical concerns and potential risks associated with AI systems tailoring content to individual users. Topics may include algorithmic biases, echo chambers, filter bubbles, political customization of Large Models, and the impact of GenAI on user autonomy and information diversity.


Copyright Channel: In this channel we delve into the complex realm of intellectual property and AI-generated content. Conversations here touch upon questions about copyright infringement, fair use, and the legal and ethical implications of AI-generated works. This channel is ideal for those interested in the intersection of AI, creativity, and law.


Transparency and Explainability Channel: Transparency and Explainability are key pillars of responsible AI governance. In this channel, we discuss strategies, technologies, and policies aimed at making Generative AI systems more transparent and explainable. Topics may range from model interpretability to regulatory frameworks ensuring transparency in AI decision-making.

Discussion and Polling

Discussion Every Monday at 12:00 CET, AdalanAI Team, citizens or experts can initiate a polling statement/question and discussion in the designated GenAI channel. citizens and experts can participate by commenting, using emojis, and starting new threads. These discussions run for four days and conclude on Thursdays at midnight.


Polling Once the discussion phase ends, you can continue expressing your opinions through voting. Voting remains open for three days, concluding on Sunday at midnight. To validate poll results, we require a minimum of 10 % of users, and the winning position must receive at least 51% of the votes.

*note: First Iteration This is the first iteration of our pilot. We will later introduce a more sophisticated voting system that will not solely rely on majority voting. Instead, we will consider various categories and qualifications, weighing expert and community leader votes alongside the votes of citizens.

We recognize and celebrate initiatives. That’s why we award users who start discussions by creating threads with roles and badges. 

Member Categories

In our server we have two main categories of members:


Citizens: These are individuals who enter the server and register as members. As a user, you have access to the general discussions, channels, and content available to all members.


Experts: The category of "Experts" further divides into two subcategories:

a. Experts Invited by Us: These are experts who have been invited to join the server by our server administrators. They bring specialized knowledge and insights to enrich our discussions on AI governance. Experts invited by us often have recognized expertise in relevant fields.

b. Citizens Seeking Expert Status: If you are a Citizen with expertise in a specific AI field and would like to be recognized as an expert within our community, you have the opportunity to undergo a special procedure. This procedure involves contacting our administration to request expert status designation. Once approved, you will gain an expert badge. We believe in fostering a diverse and informed community where both citizens and experts play a vital role in shaping discussions related to AI governance. Whether you're here to share your knowledge or learn from others, we welcome your active participation in our server.​

Community Leader: A community leader is a citizen who, within specialized channels, creates a minimum of 20 threads, initiates five or more successful polling questions, and actively participates in at least 20 threads.

Interim Provisions ​​

Until the number of users in this Discord server reaches a minimum of 100 members, polling activities will not be conducted. We believe that a diverse and engaged community is essential for meaningful and representative polling. Once we reach this threshold, we will actively seek input from our community through polls to ensure a broader consensus and foster inclusive decision-making.

Have Questions?

Talk to us. AdalanAI is building an end-to-end solution for AI Governance: SaaS platform and AI Governance Approach - novel ways to govern entire AI development life-cycle. 

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