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Which risk category and which requirements will apply to your AI product once EU AI Act is enforced? The Act is not yet finalized but we can already get a view how you will be affected. Send the review results to investors or partners and build trust. 


Your AI model is unique and so is our advisory services - uniquely customized to your AI model

Risk Assessment for AI Model

Get within 48 hours

Get a 360° review of your AI model’s risks: Business, reputational, legal and ethical at all four stages of model development - proof of concept, development, deployment and scaling. Tell us about your AI use case and receive a comprehensive report. Show it to your investors, partners, users or any interested party and build trust.

Risk Management for AI Model

Get within 72 hours

Get started with the risk mitigation measures too. We give you recommendations what is the best route to take and what you need to prioritize. Receive the report together with the risk assessment or receive guidance on how to mitigate risks. If your AI model is high-risk under EU AI Act, this will also prepare you for compliance (article 9).

Customized Workshops

Get any time

It’s frustrating to wrap your head around all AI Governance developments, right? Our founder, Ana Chubinidze has been delivering live courses with one of the biggest publishers in the US, O'Reilly Media to help executives and ML engineers understand and implement AI Governance strategies. Due to increasing demand, now we are delivering this course on-site customized to specific AI use case and organizational needs! 


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AI Governance Lead at Scalup in Healthcare Industry, Germany

"It actually saved a lot of my time and helped the entire team better understand underlying risks of our AI model. And we are building with confidence!" 

CTO at Scaleup in Financial Industry, USA

"The risk assessment was really comprehensive and helped us navigate our product development better."

AI and Data Ethics Lead at Fortune 500 Company

"Less confused, less wasted time over pondering how we should deal with all this uncertainty around AI, legal, ethical or reputational - now we have a workable plan!"


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Ana is a great instructor. Kudos to her.

It was simply perfect. Thank you

Great instructor. Interesting materials, information, and framework.

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Further feedback provided during the live session on the O'Reilly platform attended by executives and ML engineers.


We assess risks across all critical areas in four stages of AI model's life-cycle. We additionally measure each risk with 5 scale metric - from low to high, so that you can prioritize mitigation measures accordingly.

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Customized Workshops

Empower your teams! You can't always have consultants.


Comprehensive exploration of AI governance with our experts for your specific AI use case: Delve into the fundamental principles and methodologies with an emphasis on the critical domains of risk and impact assessment, risk mitigation strategies, and organizational governance structures and processes. Most importantly, learn how to go beyond governance models and frameworks, as AI is highly context-dependent and apply all the knowledge to your specific AI use case.


What you’ll learn and how you can apply it

  • Apply existing AI governance solutions to your use case

  • Understand the limitations of existing AI governance frameworks and models and work toward going beyond them

  • Analyze the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in AI governance

  • Communicate effectively with important stakeholders regarding underlying issues, risks, or solutions.

  • Apply AI Governance strategy to your own AI use case

Who is it for

  • You’re an executive, product manager, data scientist, or ML engineer.

  • You work with Artificial Intelligence technologies.

  • You want to be more aware of risks, ethical questions, and safety issues in the AI lifecycle.

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