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Customer-centric AI:

the Major Paradigm Shift in AI Governance for Businesses

Customer-centric AI Governance

Customer-Centric AI Governance prioritizes the specific needs and happiness of customers by focusing on enhancing their experiences through tailored products and services. Unlike broader, more abstract concepts like 'human-centric AI' or 'responsible AI', customer-centric AI governance sets clear, actionable requirements for businesses, making it a tangible and realistic objective. This approach integrates customer feedback and preferences into AI systems, creating more personalized and effective solutions. It also naturally aligns with ethical standards and regulatory guidelines, transforming these from burdensome obligations into helpful tools. Customer-centric AI governance fosters stronger relationships, continuous improvement, and innovation, ensuring that AI technologies are both advanced and deeply relevant to those they serve.

After working with several Fortune 500 companies and O'Reilly Media, we are excited to announce opening up our workshops to a broader audience

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Customer-centric AI governance

This is a 3-hour live workshop (online) that will give you an overview of AI governance and help you get started with the implementation.

Registration opens soon!

Customized Workshop

Book a customized workshop for your specific AI use case to implement a customer-centric AI Governance in your organization.

AI Governance in healthcare industry

This is a 3-hour live workshop (online) specifically dedicated to healthcare professionals and will help you guide doctor-patient-provider relationships while deploying AI applications.

Registration opens soon!

Customer-centric AI Governance Workshop  Description

  • What is AI Governance and how it relates to other concepts

  • What are the opportunities of well-governed AI

  • Major objective of AI Governance in the business context: Customer-centric AI

  • Human-centric AI vs Customer-centric AI

  • Why be a customer-centric AI company

  • Interactive exercise

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Meet Your Instructor


Ana Chubinidze

Founder of AdalanAI

Working to change the way AI companies compete and win, Ed Ana Chubinidze is the founder and CEO of AdalanAI, building end-to-end solutions for AI Governance. She is also an invited founding editorial board member of Springer Nature’s AI and Ethics journal. Ana often speaks at AI forums, conferences, and universities as an invited lecturer/speaker internationally and contributes to the work of several AI associations. Ana has been delivering AI Governance courses for ML engineers and executives in Fortune 500 companies, partnered with O’Reilly Media, SCIP, and other educational organizations to share her experiences and innovative ideas on how to best guide businesses on their AI development/deployment journey.  

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Testimonials provided after one of the O'Reilly Media online courses

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