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Customer-centric AI:

the Major Paradigm Shift in AI Governance for Businesses

Customer-centric AI Governance

If you are a company, you have one focal point to take care of: your customer. Customer-centric AI Governance revolves around this focal point and builds your business with true purpose. Unlike broader, more abstract concepts like 'trustworthy AI' or 'responsible AI', customer-centric AI governance sets clear, actionable requirements for businesses, making it a tangible and realistic objective. This workshop is all about practical, hands-on strategies that you can actually use.

We'll show you how to incorporate customer feedback and preferences right into your AI systems, creating personalized experiences that truly hit the mark. Moreover, you'll see how this approach naturally aligns with ethical standards and regulatory guidelines, turning what used to feel like red tape into your new secret weapon for innovation.

​However, innovation isn’t about meeting standards—it's about exceeding expectations and creating AI that’s not only smart but also deeply resonant with those it serves. This is only possible by empowering each and every individual at your company to learn to make better decisions. 

We enable this empowerment with our innovative customer-centricity strategy underpinned by our AI Governance 'Approach' which teaches you how to choose the right path in your specific context unlike 'framework' which tells you which path is right. We don't give you recipes, we provide tools to create your own.

After working with several Fortune 500 companies and O'Reilly Media, we are excited to announce opening up our workshops to a broader audience

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Customer-centric AI governance [overview]

3-hours online session

Why, How, Who, and What of Customer-centric AI. 

Grasp the major concepts, understand existing AI Governance frameworks and regulations, risk assessment methods and mitigation measures. Learn why Customer-centric AI is a major paradigm shift in AI Governance for businesses and how you can benefit from it. 

Customized Workshop

A customized workshop for your specific AI use case to implement a customer-centric AI Governance in your organization. Either on-site or online for your entire teams - anyone that participates in AI development. 

Customer-centric AI governance [in-depth]

9hours/3days online sessions

An in-depth view into the Customer-centric AI Governance approach. Detailed explanations on how to become a customer-centric AI company and hands-on exercises to practice new knowledge.

Access to exclusive guides in Figma as ready-to-use templates to get started in your organization.




Workshops are held every month, you can choose the desired date at the checkout

Customer-centric AI Governance Workshop  Description

  • What is AI Governance and how it relates to other concepts

  • What are the opportunities of well-governed AI

  • Major objective of AI Governance in the business context: Customer-centric AI

  • Human-centric AI vs Customer-centric AI

  • Why be a customer-centric AI company

  • Interactive exercise

Who is it for

  • Executives at AI companies

  • ML Engineers

  • Data Scientists

  • AI Product Leads

Ask Better questions

Make better decisions

Build better products

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Meet Your Instructor


Ana Chubinidze

Founder of AdalanAI

Working to change the way AI companies compete and win, Ed Ana Chubinidze is the founder and CEO of AdalanAI, building end-to-end solutions for AI Governance. She is also an invited founding editorial board member of Springer Nature’s AI and Ethics journal. Ana often speaks at AI forums, conferences, and universities as an invited lecturer/speaker internationally and contributes to the work of several AI associations. Ana has been delivering AI Governance courses for ML engineers and executives in Fortune 500 companies, partnered with O’Reilly Media, SCIP, and other educational organizations to share her experiences and innovative ideas on how to best guide businesses on their AI development/deployment journey.  

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