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The Power 
of Good Advice

turns your AI product into its best version: accurate, fair, transparent, accountable and user-centric. Our advisory services are your first steps towards complex AI Governance journey. 

Still procrastinating to get started because not sure how?  

We have you covered.

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Policy tracking

We help you set up your priorities right before you deep dive into AI Governance or prepare for compliance. Emerging AI-specific regulations are important factor to consider in AI product development. Once they enter into force, it will determine how your algorithms should be built. We provide overview of the regulations in making as well as predictable changes in existing drafts based on your specific case. Avoid unpleasant surprises and make informed decisions.

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To truly realize the benefits of AI, you need to protect your brand, reputation, your customers and your industry. It is essential to be aware of anything that risks your potential to build best AI products. By providing comprehensive and continuous risk assessments, we help organizations identify, assess, and manage risks associated with the use of their AI technologies. Address risks proactively until they turn into billion dollar problem and achieve the most efficient outcomes.

Risk Assessment or Overview

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Impact Assessment

Don't just think about the end-user. Think about everyone who's impacted by your AI product to make your business more sustainable and ethical. We run impact assessments for different stakeholders in different dimensions based on a specific AI use case. This helps you identify potential areas of improvement and make more informed decisions about business processes and operations. Avoid uncertainties and build trust in your AI products. 

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